Less paper - less waste, more trees
Ecology and Research Association, Bosnia and Herzegovina
This project effectively shows how reducing paper use in the education of students at a pilot university (Independent University of Banja Luka-NUBL) reduces urban and rural pollution (less waste paper on the street, landfills, and less black carbon), increases the social responsibility of students and teachers (education and positive practice of project activities), and reduces the negative impact of climate change (reduced felling of coniferous wood used in paper production)
Poreč living streets - The first Parklet in Croatia or less space for cars, more space for people
Town of Poreč-Parenzo, Croatia
Living streets is a real-life experiment whereby residents can temporarily transform streets into the sustainable place they have always dreamed of. It allows residents to find alternatives that transform public space and strengthen community dynamics. Amongst others, project activities included the realization of the first PARKLET in Croatia, an improvised green area that extends from the sidewalk to the pavement by occupying a few parking spaces and turning them into a ''green'' public space for people.
Think Nature!
Center for Civil Society Promotion, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Think Nature! is a three-year project and is implemented throughout the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main objective of the project is to increase the influence of civil society on environmental protection, thereby contributing to better environmental protection and enhanced resilience to environmental impacts and climate change in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, the implementation of international regulations regarding the environment, climate and energy imposed by the EU and international agreements, will be improved.
Outdoor eco classroom and botanical garden
Centar za ekologiju i održivi razvoj-C.E.K.O.R., Bosnia and Herzegovina
The outdoor classroom, that consists of benches and concrete tables (for longer durability), caused real enthusiasm among the children. We painted the benches and tables in natural colors to fit the ambience. As part of this project, we also made a mobile writing board and boards with environmental messages, and planted ornamental shrubs and trees (over 200 pieces) around the classroom. The eco classroom consists of two rows of benches, in each row there are 4 table-benches at which 3 students will be able to sit and one table-bench for the professor (a total of 9 tables and 9 benches for sitting).
Youth eco leaders (Mladi eko lideri)
Ekoložko Udruženje "Jezero", Bosnia and Herzegovina
We want to solve the problem of waste in our local community in a quality way. We are a small local NGO. We follow the rule "Act locally and think globally" In the earlier period, we cleaned our rivers, removed several illegal dumps and found a company that regularly collects waste (weekly). This spring, we organized trainings, such as a practical training in mushroom production and the production of compost in our local communities. We used organic waste (grass, sawdust, leaves, straw) for the production of mushrooms and compost. This way, we achieved positive changes in our local community. After the completion of our project, the amount of solid waste was reduced. In addition, significant production of mushrooms and compost (organic fertilizer) was achieved.
Doors to a healthier future
NGO "Puls" , Bosnia and Herzegovina
The main focus of this project was creating a sport and recreational (healthy) zone for all citizens of Jablanica Municipality and all tourist visiting this area. We created a rock-climbing crag with accessible routes and beautiful viewpoints, so that even those visitors that do not want to participate in climbing can enjoy the beautiful views and clean fresh air.
Climate Local Leaders for Advocating the community resilience
The Resource Environmental Center Albania, Albania
By submitting the White Plan to the municipal councils of Kurbin and Tirana during the project "Mobilizing Youth for local Climate Action and Resilience", we have taken the first steps in mobilizing youth groups for climate advocacy at the local level. These mobilized groups from selected communities will continue to conduct climate emergency actions for and monitor local decision-making on the implementation of concrete climate adaptation measures.
Networking and advocacy for green economyc
Network for Rural Development of Montenegro
The proposed project contributes to strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations in the fields of environment and climate change, enhancing their role as competent, transparent, effective and accountable civil society actors, and improving interaction with state/public institutions in order to contribute to EU-related policy-making in these sectors, in the North of Albania in the prefectures of Shkodra and Lezha and in the prefecture of Berat in the South of Albania. On the one hand, the activities are focused on increasing the involvement of civil society organizations and relevant stakeholders with expertise in the fields of environment and climate change, in the process of planning acquis transposition, policy change and institutional restructuring. On the other hand, the activities will help to improve the interaction and dialogue between CSOs and other relevant stakeholders in the context of accession negotiations, as well as their capacity to monitor the process of the European integration process through participation in the ‘European Integration Platform of Partnership’.
Partnership between scientists and fishermen
Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Croatia
The goal of the project is to create a partnership between fishermen from the northern Adriatic area and scientists in order to revise the close season of certain commercially important fish and crustacean species and collect catch data to record the presence of invasive and thermophilic fish and crustaceans. Given the geographical position of our region, this is valuable data that will contribute to a sustainable management of marine resources. Educational workshops and various promotional activities will raise the awareness of the public and target groups such as fishermen regarding the ubiquitous changes in the sea, teach them how to adapt and what can be done to mitigate them.
Križevci Sunny Roofs
City of Križevci, Croatia
In 2018, Križevci inaugurated a fully crowdfunded solar power plant. Located on the roof of the business center, it has a capacity of 30 kilowatts and is expected to save around 11 tons of carbon dioxide per year. The solar energy it produces is used to power the business center, and the surplus is fed into the grid. What is special about this project is that we included our citizens who were investors by giving loans for a period of 10 years within which they will get the deposit with an interest rate of 4.5% back from the income generated by the electricity production of the solar power plant on the roof. ]