Innovative minds for ICT smart schools (Smart Schools 2)
Centar za reazvoj i podršku (CRP) - Centre for Development and Support (CRP), Bosnia and Herzegovina
The project is a colorful combination of large-scale green investments in 33 school buildings and innovative educational tools in the field of decarbonization for children and the youth (such as: art &culture through 50-minute theatre play and e-quizzes, both on EEtopics, smart IC energy-management technology and education, large energy-saving school competition). In addition, dynamic and diverse public communication activities increase the public awareness and knowledge on a wide range of win-win socio-economic solutions and benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy generation.
Plant a tree, don't be a stump!
City of Poreč-Parenzo, Croatia
With the project “Plant a tree, don't be a stump!” the City of Poreč-Parenzo organized a collective planting of trees to contribute to the protection of the environment and to the formation of the right attitude towards the consequences of harmful human activities on the environment and forests according to the principles of sustainable development.
BioSvi / AID 10938 - “Biodiversity for local development. Innovative model of participative management of the protected landscape Konjuh in Bosnia and Herzegovina
CISP, Bosnia and Herzegovin
The implementation of the project took three years (2017-2021). It was implemented in the area of the protected landscape Konjuh, including the municipalities: Banovići, Kladanj, Živinice. Aim of the project was to support all interested stakeholders (public institutions, citizens, civil society organizations to contribute to: • the implementation of a cross-institutional, participative and cross-sectoral management plan for the protected landscape Konjuh, as well as • the protection and promotion of the environment and the touristic, cultural and historical potentials of the protected landscape Konjuh.
Obnovimo Bent
Sara Smolo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kakanj is known for volleyball and basketball, but interestingly it does not have any functional courts. There is a place called Bent where a couple of years ago functional courts existed. Since young people feel a great need for them, I implemented a project called 'Obnovimo Bent' for which I got financial support. The project started May 14th and 23 people participated. We cleaned the place, collected trash and restored the place. This is just the beginning of a big project.
Support of livestock breeders for maintenance of pastures in Shebenik National Park, Albania
AlbNatyra Association, Albania
The project aimed at improving the conditions of the summer stalls in the alpine pastures of the Shebenik National Park by equipping them with photovoltaics, internet and improving the hygienic toilet conditions. In addition, this project included the construction of two drinking water troughs for the livestock. Alpine Pastures, significantly declined in the last years and as a result the pasture area has been invaded by shrubs and other plants as the grazing was too low. The decline in the number of livestock was a result of a lack of support for shepherds and a lack of investment in pastures.
SubBIOCODE - Development of new tools for rapid assessment of subterranean biodiversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina
University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Slovenia
The project SubBIOCODE aims at improving the knowledge and methodology for the assessment of the subterranean biodiversity in Southeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, and at transferring this know-how to the local community and decision makers. With education and promotion activities we addressed local scientists, students and the community in general, raised awareness and opened access to the usage of knowledge on subterranean biodiversity for a better protection of subterranean habitats in the region.
Protection of biodiversity on pasture Gajna through indigenous breeds
Brod Ecological Society-BED, Croatia
The grass root NGO Brod Ecological Society-BED is present as a co-manager on the Gajna common and protected grassland since 1989 with a focus on nature protection, sustainable practices and empowerment of citizens. A successful EU funded project from 2007-2009 turned into the special multi-year program. (2009-2022) With its own example as a breeder and complete network of support to the local community from 2007 until today (2022) BED fights the laws and the subsidy system which are not aligned with a governance that ensures sustainability and nature protection. The program runs independently of projects.
Application for anonymous reporting of illegal activities in forestry with the help of citizens
FEA - Forestry and Environmental Action, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The forest ecosystem represents one of the greatest natural wealth’s and therefore has a big significance for the individual. Forests provide the possibility to produce a large amount of oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which is why they are often called air filters. They also prevent erosion, torrents, pollution, and water disappearance, and are considered the best and cheapest filter of drinking water. Based on the above facts about the importance of forests, solving the problem of illegal logging with the involvement of all citizens is of great importance. The Law on Nature Protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina defines that every citizen has the right to actively participate in nature protection, as well as to be informed about all activities that take place. The goal of this project is to work with the help of citizens to reduce and prevent the occurrence of illegal activities in forestry with a focus on illegal logging. The goal of the project was to determine the manner of data collecting on illegal logging and achieve a more transparent and complete publication of information in official reports of cantonal administrations.
Increased influence of CSOs in the process of creating environmental policies
NGO Alternative Kakanj
he Municipality of Kakanj collects EUR 2.5 - 3 million per year through the collection of funds from air pollution and other permanent degradations. However, the spending program does not meet the community's need in terms of sustainable management and environmental protection. The key issue addressed by the project was to improve the responsibility and efficiency of the local government in creating environmental policies and addressing actual needs in the field of environmental protection.
Action for greener city park Betanija
FEA - Forestry and Environmental Action,
The overall goal of the project is to improve the ecological, sanitary and aesthetic character of the City Park „Betanija”. The specific goal of the project is to increase the satisfaction of the citizens of the local community (hereinafter LC) Betanija-Šip (Municipality Centar) through and improved status of the City Park "Betanija". This project aims to improve the existing condition of unused or insufficiently used green areas of the City Park "Betanija". Young people from primary schools in the municipality Centar participate in afforestation activities, and other members of LC Betanija-Šip and the entire Centar municipality are also involved through surveys and educational activities. In addition to improving the current condition of the park, the project raises awareness for the importance of urban greenery in times of climate change and the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. Moreover, an innovative approach will create a synergy between nature and the increasingly popular digitization by developing a unique digital map of the city park, which is accessible via a QR- code posted on info boards throughout the park.