Application form outline

How to fill out the application form:

Make sure the project outline is clear. You are advised to use the SMART technique (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound project) to describe your project and include some measurable indicators and a timeline for the most important activities.

    Project Name

    Project in a nutshell (short description) 500 characters

    Explain what the main idea behind your project is. What are you trying to achieve? (Apply SMART or include measurable indicators) 500 characters

    Which problems/challenges does your project address and solve? 500 characters

    Which of the five categories best fits your project? Please explain. (If your project falls under more than one category, please name all relevant categories)

    Why and how is your project a good practice example in your country/region and/or in the Southeastern Europe? 1000 characters

    Who are your project partners?

    What is your target group and why?

    Is the project transferable to other regions/countries or other problems?

    Is your project ongoing or has it been finalized?

    For ongoing projects, please provide a brief timeline with the most important activities and their planned implementation dates.

    Which activities have already been implemented and what were the key results so far?

    What problems did you face during the implementation phase and what would you do differently? 600 characters

    Why should your project win this award?

    How do you plan to use the prize money?

    What was the start date and duration of your project?

    Who funded your project?

    What was your project’s overall budget?

    In which country/countries and region/s was your project implemented?

    Upload a picture that is representative of your project or your team

    Contact information